Music Bugle Exclusive – Ryan And Stephen Falla Of LA Stoner/Metal Psych Group Solar Haze Discuss US West Coast Tour And Upcoming Self-Titled Debut Full-Length Release

Solar Haze, pictured above, gear up for their Self-Titled Debut Full-Length, set for release April 20 via Metal Assault Records. (Photo courtesy of Metal Assault Records)

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Los Angeles Stoner/Psych quartet Solar Haze leave for a 10-day United States West Coast tour in May to promote their self-titled debut full-length to be released on April 20 via Metal Assault Records.

Solar Haze is Ryan Falla (drums), Stephen Falla (vocals, guitar), Ross Cowan (guitar) and Jason Hernandez (bass).

“This is something that we’ve been building up to for a long time,” said Ryan. “It’s something that we always had a plan and a vision for, so now that we actually have a tour coming up, we couldn’t be more excited.”

Confirmed dates for Solar Haze’s 10-day May West Coast Tour. (Photo courtesy of Metal Assault Records)

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