Good In The Dark – Grit. Glam. Disco. Punk.

Good In The Dark – (Pictured Left To Right) – Carlos Zapata, Heather Perry and Grant Goldsworthy. Photo courtesy of Good In The Dark website.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

A man with facial scruff, a white t-shirt and jeans strums madly on his guitar.

Next to him, a woman with long, brown hair in a jet-black t-shirt with “WILD FEMINIST” in white letters clutches a microphone with her left hand.

She screams, “I CAN’T SLEEP WITH FOUR FRONT DOORS!” before she thumps away on her keyboard with both hands and emphatically bobs her head along to the intense, fuzzy, distorted music.

This duo is headed towards the end of their cover of Talking Heads’ “Born Under Punches.”

Normally known as a trio named Good In The Dark, they perform as a two-piece without their drummer, dependent upon the show’s location.

GITD consists of Heather Perry (vocals, synth, bass), Grant Goldsworthy (guitar, vocals) and Carlos Zapata (drums, percussion).

Their name derived from an LCD Soundsystem song, their sound’s best described as “Disco-Punk.”

“I think we have elements that are kind of glossy and kind of glam,” said Perry. “The dance elements and the synthesizers are all very meticulously planned, but then we have this sort of post-punk noise guitar that scribbles over everything that I really like a lot.”

Their mission – one clear goal.

“There just aren’t a lot of bands that are guitar-based that are trying to make people dance,” said Zapata. “Sometimes we wonder if we’re more suited for a dance club or something. A lot of people don’t dance at rock shows and that’s kind of what we’re all about. We want to inspire that in people.”

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