Bay Area Progressive/Alt-Rockers RLND Release New Concept Album ‘Zealand’ Out Now Via Sell The Heart Records

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Bay Area Progressive/Alt-Rockers RLND Releasing New Concept Album ‘Zealand’ Out Now via Sell The Heart Records

Band Drops Ferocious New Video “Public Chefs”

“San Francisco progsters’ music video for “Public Chefs” is a Mind-Melter.”- No Echo
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RLND (pronounced Roland) is a four-piece rock band from San Francisco, CA. They have at turns been referred to as “Kinda like Tool” “Too loud” and “The most ferocious underground metal band around,” although the latter came when the bassist had a broken foot — take that as you will.

RLND is debuting a new single and wild new video for “Public Chefs” off their album ‘ZEALAND,‘ a concept album that the band explains is “built around our collective narrative as a capitalist society.”

“‘Public Chefs’ is kind of the odd track out on the record musically and (director) Tsunami said he had an idea for a video for the song,” RLND guitarist Joe McClune tells No Echo. “He ran with the thematic idea behind the song, which is basically the wholesale distraction of the population at large with smoke and mirrors.

Directed by Tsunami Films.

RLND does a lot of things over the course of its second album ZEALAND. In no particular order, the guidelines for the second record were:



maybe step on a few pedals this time.

….all while continuing to exist in a janglegaze hellscape where no one can afford to live.

Recorded in 2019, ‘ZEALAND’ is the second album from RLND and was initially the swansong of a dying band. On the day ‘ZEALAND’ recording sessions finished, half the band decided to part ways, leaving drummer Keith Grimshaw (Covet, Ontogeny) and guitarist Joe McClune to find a way to release an album that they could not tour. Rough mixes were given to some friends, two of whom were immediately struck by the new direction of the band and wondered who would be filling the vacant spot – Alex Winkley and Sam Zuerner learned the entire album and were ready for the next practice.

‘ZEALAND’ was released digitally on December 13, 2020 via Sell The Heart Records.

“We left our time signatures in San Francisco.”- RLND


Joe McClune (guitar)
Kasey Boekholt (guitar) (prev. Sleeping People, Goblin Cock)
Lars Savage (bass) (prev. Hot Fog)
Keith Grimshaw (drums) (prev. Covet)
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Track Listing:Digital:

01 Keith Sells…But Who’s Buying? 7:24
02 Kurt Loader 5:39
03 Terry Grosse 7:57
04 Public Chefs 5:25 (Digital Only)
05 Zealand 7:27
06 Basilica Gel 2:34
07 Specifically Arnold 10:30


Side A – 21:00

01 Keith Sells…But Who’s Buying? 7:24
02 Kurt Loader 5:39
03 Terry Grosse 7:57

Side B – 20:31

01 Zealand 7:27
02 Basilica Gel 2:34
03 Specifically Arnold 10:30
What others have said about RLND:

“If dragons breathed music instead of fire, what would it sound like?” Not quite metal, not quite prog rock, Roland falls somewhere in between infinite guitar machinations and bottomless grinding slurry.”- The Bay Bridged

“Roland opened the night and honestly, the crowd wasn’t quite prepared for quite this heavy of a band. After minds adjusted to what they were expecting, things finally clicked. Every song followed with loud cheers. Roland mixes odd time signatures, even within a song, complex drum patterns and layers in mathy melodic guitars.”- The Owl Mag

“The turning of a phrase is a valuable element to their music. They roll through timing changes frequently, and lull you into a false sense of security by utilizing half-time, only to pull the rug out. But, while the listener can feel like they have been had, it feels more like a buddy turning off the light while you’re in the shower than an Enron scandal. ROLAND wants to screw with you because they know you’re all homies, and that you won’t get mad, and you know what? You won’t.”- Fecking Bahamas

“Roland plays math rock, but not like Hella or Tera Melos. Roland’s all-instrumental songs are much heavier, like progressive rock but with atypical rhythmic structures, stop-start dynamics and general complexity. It’s ideal air guitar music, for you competitive air guitarists.” – Sacramento News & Review

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