To The Helpless Release Music Video For “So Long 2020”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By To The Helpless*

To The Helpless released a music video for their new single that closed out the past year, the aptly titled “So Long 2020.”

From The Band:

Our new single pays tribute to the year 2020. The song acknowledges how this year has lifted the veil on our deficiencies: Vanity, materialism, insecurity, narcissism and hypocrisy and how it has made these even more evident. It talks about the irony that we needed nature to teach us a lesson about our own nature. It also pokes fun at the fact that humankind has been caught being a despicable species and how it has tried to turn that on its head to make itself look like the victim of 2020. All in all, it points out how we are desperately trying to turn the page on this year, so we can continue to be our shitty selves, instead of opting for a more mature and needed self-introspection.

It’s our poppiest song to date, in a purposeful sarcastic way,” – Lucas 

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