Alex McQuade – One With Nature

Photo courtesy of Alex McQuade.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Ocean blue clear skies, emerald green leaves and golden sunflowers are just some things that inspire Pop/R&B singer Alex McQuade.

McQuade, 15, even wears sunflower-related clothes whenever possible and has revolved his sophomore studio album Inflorescence around his gardening interests within the past year.

“I wrote a lot in the spring and summer about growth and I think that kind of helped me to make a project that was very plant-inspired,” McQuade said. “I have a song on the album called ‘Photosynthetic,’ which is about after a relationship, starting to become dependent on yourself.”

Inflorescence’s album cover was taken in Germany from a trip his father brought him on. Flowers and other nature-inspired beauties helped create an image of what the new songs meant for him.

“I can relate each song that I wrote back to a certain place in Germany that I was at and I think that’s really cool,” McQuade said.

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